Stand Up Long Beach

    Our Home Too    

  a series of documentary shorts by Kevin Flores and Sutton York  

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Our Home Too is a five-part series of documentary shorts that captures both the pain and resilience of Long Beach residents who have been displaced or are facing imminent displacement.

In recent years, Long Beach has seen a dramatic rise in rents as gentrification has gripped the city, making housing prices unaffordable for many of its long-standing residents. Without renter protections, tenants ranging from families to students to artists in low- and middle-income households alike are left to contemplate leaving a city they helped create, or worse, life on the streets. 

This series tells the stories of those whose voices have been drowned out by the mania and political puffery surrounding “revitalization,” refocusing the narrative on the people whose neighborhoods are being decimated by the drive to create a city for somebody else.

The series is a collaboration between Housing Long Beach, Long Beach Residents Empowered (LiBRE), Long Beach Forward, and FORTHE Media through a generous grant from the Resources Legacy Fund.

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